1. Why Enrol?

Voting in elections is your chance to choose who represents you in Parliament, and at the moment Australians are not automatically added to the roll. Voting is compulsory by law for anyone aged 18 and over. The first step to voting is to enrol.

2. Am I eligible to enrol?

You need to be 18 or older on election day to vote, but if you’re 16 or 17 you can enrol – which means you’ll be on the electoral roll and ready to vote when you turn 18. You also need to be an Australian Citizen.

3. How do I enrol?

To enrol to vote for the first time, or to change your address (or name) on the electoral roll, click the ‘Sign Up’ button on this website, fill in your details and we will send you all the information you need. Alternately, go straight to www.aec.gov.au/enrol and fill out the enrolment form!

4. Not sure if you’re enrolled?

It’s always good to check! you might not have enrolled correctly, or have been taken off the roll without your knowledge. Go to the Australian Electoral Commission website to check!

5. What if I’m moving house?

Every time you move you need to fill out a new enrolment form. This will enrol you at your new address or update your name (and remove any old details) in one easy step! If you don’t update your address, your name could be removed from the electoral roll which means you won’t be able to vote, which wouldn’t be good.

6. What if I’m going overseas?

It’s not compulsory to enrol or vote if you’re outside Australia. However, if you are going overseas for either a holiday or a longer period of time you must let the Australian Electoral Commission know. If you don’t you risk having your name taken off the roll.

7. Can I actually enrol online?

Yes! This is the first year when it will be possible for people enrolling for the first time in Australia. Online enrolment is making it easier and more accessible for people to enrol. No more printing out forms or pesky trips to the post office!

More questions?

If you’re got any more questions, send them to info@countmein.org.au and we’ll get the information you need!